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We Are at the Precipice

While our global environment, politics, and social systems all appear to be imploding, I believe we are also walking in tandem with a wellspring of creative potential and a time of true magic and changing realities. And, as is often with big change, when we shift into something new something old has to break. I suspect we are in the middle of a big break. While we witness things crumble, what many also witness is a growing energy; a growing momentum feeding a surge of something new and exciting all over the globe.

What I have witnessed and personally experienced at a profound and consistent level for many years is that with an increase in energy comes the potential for deep transformation, a transformation that leads to the release of pain. Tons of pain. Deep wells of pain. Pain on all levels. I believe and am beginning to see evidence that we are releasing pain that has accumulated over thousands of years, imprints of which are stored in our very bodies. I believe that the great upheaval we are experiencing is part of a surfacing of that ancient pain, a revealing of the toxicity of this pain-filled reality.

This is pain and suffering that has dictated the terms of our existence for thousands of years. Pain that has governed our enormous, unwieldy political and legal institutions all the way down to how we experience our most intimate relationships. Pain that is a deep part of the fabric of how we see ourselves and see each other. This is a discomfort that we have assumed was true and immutable and that our pain-filled dynamic was as fixed as the sun and moon. This is not just the unconscionable suffering of violence and hunger, but the suffering of loneliness, isolation, fear, shame, grief, and guilt that permeates our perceptions of life and of which we are not yet fully aware.

But I suggest this pain has a higher purpose. This pain has a profound function. The thickness of the space we inhabit on this planet that so easily holds onto our pain and our lower vibrations is here as a tool of evolution, a tool we have signed up for and have been provided in order to learn how to crawl out of our primordial muck, otherwise known as the 3rd dimension. This profound crawl is here to teach us how to transform the density of this pain-filled reality to move ourselves into the next phase of your evolution. In that process we bring in more lightness, space and creative energy because this space we currently occupy is sticky sludge. It is thick and heavy and goopy like molasses. But it also provides the platform from which we can learn how to move from density into light; from which to transform pain into love; from which we can gather the creative energies of consciousness. This is energy that is teaching us and revealing to us the creative force that we are and that we are increasingly becoming. And in that becoming, we expand.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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