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Our Layered Reality


We live in a layered reality. Dreams within dreams. Dreams under dreams. These ancient layers are the wounds of abandonment that we have carried through the generations. And all repressed emotions are abandonment wounds. They are abandoned and rejected parts of ourselves. They are pains and traumas that we have been unwilling to see, unable to see. They are the fear, shame, rage, guilt, grief, etc, that have been too much to bear, too frightening to confront, and we have been too busy surviving to have the space/time to acknowledge them. So we have passed our terrorizing imprints down through the ages. The antidote to all of this abandonment? To bring in the energy of seeing; to see fully, deeply, and unwaveringly. This is the ordering energy of consciousness. To see it all with an open heart is to deliver the energy of awareness - the healing energy of unabandoning - into the layers and layers of the unseen ancient parts of ourselves. The seeing, the unabandoning, is the transformational energy delivered directly into our ancestral wounds, our karmic wounds, our childhood wounds. We want to see it all with acceptance, love, presence. But I suggest that first we need to recognize how blind we truly are in order to create a path to the hidden tunnels within. We need to bring awareness into the depth of our unawareness - how much we don’t see ourselves, how much we don’t see the world around us.

Systems of consciousness delivery-the delivery of awareness-are the tools of not just seeing/healing, but of expansion, for they bring the lightness of compassion, love and full awareness into the contracted hidden stories of fear, shame, and rage that we have, for the most part, been unwilling and unable to see, that we have abandoned within us. It delivers the energy of creativity/creation. The experience of growth and evolution. When we deliver seeing/consciousness/awareness/unabandoning, we expand/uncontract our beings and our realities from abandoned states of separation to connected states of unity. We get bigger in all the ways we are meant to. Our love grows, our compassion grows, our connectivity to ourselves, others, the world, and the universe grows. 


We have been unwilling to see these wounds because it hasn’t been safe enough to do so. We humans have been existing in survival mode for thousands of years. Our priority has not been seeing the pain, it has been avoiding, denying and distracting from the pain so that we can survive the trauma of the human experience. It is only now in some of the more privileged parts of the world, that we feel safe enough to turn into the fear and discomfort within ourselves versus being consumed by the fear outward. 

I invite you to see. To first see by becoming aware of all the things you have decided not to see-that you have denied, avoided, forgotten and rejected. See those with love and acceptance, with compassion and persistence, and you begin to expand the magnificence of yourself and your reality.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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