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To assist healers, seekers, and psychonauts get ready for a wave of healing as our collective ancient traumas surface more rapidly and readily on our path to the next reality.



I am Antonia, and I assist people in seeing ancient stories of pain and separation. This pain is where we hold the 3rd dimension and it is in our bodies. And to see it is to dismantle it. I help you dismantle the pain infrastructure through sharing energies of deep seeing as beneath the pain is your connection to your creativity and to our collective. I am here to share the energy of awareness and a vision into yourself and your connection to all. We are not separate; only our pain tells us we are. 


I invite you to walk with me on an often uncomfortable but magical journey into your next reality. It’s not an easy path because we must see our pain for what it really is. This is the alchemy of awareness. This is the transmutation of pain into love and dark into light. This is the next dimension.



Antonia's mission is to Activate, Enable, and Expedite your journey into the next reality.


Her goal is to assist healers, seekers, and psychonauts get ready for a wave of healing as our collective, ancient traumas surface more rapidly and readily on our path to the next reality. This is her passion. This is her destiny. This is her collective.

Working With Antonia

Our existence has been about pain: surviving it, avoiding it, and believing there is no other way to exist. Many of us are at the edge of that existence. We are sitting on the outskirts of this pained space. But this is not a physical border; this is the frontier between the light and dark.  It is the line between asleep and awake. It is the space between seeing and eyes slammed shut.  We are living on the edge of awareness, and from that awareness will emerge the next dimension.


I Work by Directing Energy into 2 Areas: 

  1. The Seeing - What is 3D and Where is it in Your Being, and 

  2. The Dissolving/Integration.


In order to release ourselves from this painful 3D reality, we need to see it, bringing in the energy of awareness. By directing awareness to where we hold the 3D in our bodies, we begin to integrate and dissolve the ancient pain from our reality, moving ourselves into the next dimension.



We experience each other through an ancient lens of fear. But that fear in our bodies is the density at the foundation of our three dimensional reality. That is the Tribal existence, the Us versus Them. With the rise in energy, we are accessing our growing abilities to turn pain into light, fear into love, and heal ourselves of the pain of separation. That is the journey back to the Collective.


The rise in energy is now beginning to transform generations of trauma imprinted in our DNA. Our relationship to pain must change to facilitate that evolutionary process. Seeing but not believing the pain is a fundamental conversation as we expand out of the 3rd dimension and the next generation takes charge of the transformation. We are each here to let go of our own electromagnetically encoded pain and dismantle its physical manifestations. Learning how to direct awareness into those wounds as well as take care of ourselves through this process is the next iteration of trauma work.

Dismantling The 3rd Dimension


Dismantling the 3rd Dimension has received four prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Awards!

The Eric Hoffer Book Award was founded at the start of the 21st century (with permission from the Eric Hoffer Estate) to honor freethinking writers and independent books of exceptional merit, and since its inception, the Hoffer Award has grown to become one of the premiere international independent book awards. In addition to the grand prize, Hoffer honors are bestowed by press type and category, and also through the Montaigne Medal, da Vinci Eye, and First Horizon Award.

"To free ourselves, we need to see our pain in a new way. We heal 3D wounds of separation in your body
with the energy of connection."

— Antonia

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