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TRANSFORMATION happens in you.

In your own being.


We experience each other through an ancient lens of fear. But that fear, in our bodies, is the density at the foundation of our three dimensional reality. That is the Tribal existence, the Us versus Them. And now there are growing opportunities to transform that fear. But the transformation does not happen in the Tribe. It does not happen by looking at everyone else. It happens in you. In your own being.


Through my own journey into consciousness and waking up from this reality, I have come to see the delusion of the density of this existence because that density is pain, and that pain tells us we are separate. 


Our evolution is the healing of our suffering, our ancient trauma and the delusion of separation that lives in our bodies. With the rise in energy, we are accessing our growing abilities to turn pain into light, fear into love and heal ourselves of the pain of separation. 


That is the journey back to the Collective.

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The 4 Modules

These video and audio modules are recorded reflections that emerged out of my transformational journey. They are the foundation on which the book was built and expanded. They further assist in the activation of awareness and to deepen your seeing of the 3rd Dimension.

The modules include some additional practical offerings not available in the book, such as yoga sessions, meditations, contemplations, some suggested exercises, and a few personal narratives. All of these are here to practice surrendering, quieting the body/mind, and allowing the energies of consciousness to flow. You can choose to watch or listen to the reflections. There are both audio and video options for each section.



Welcome! This audio describes the general aim of these courses. We introduce some of the necessary ingredients and processes to healing ourselves, finding ourselves, loving ourselves and dismantling a dimension. Which, in the end, are all the same thing.


Building the Foundations.

Where we begin to identify the infrastructures of the 3rd dimension and our tools of dismantling - What does it mean to be Asleep? What is Consciousness? What is Ego? What is Mind?


What is the New Narrative?

Here we begin to construct or build on the language of our process of healing, “evolution”, what it looks like, feels like, and beginning to conceive of where we are going. Here we begin to construct a process of “healing.”


The Feeling Work.

This is to deepen the seeing, which is to operationalize the instrument of feeling and sensing. It is a feeling world we are moving into, how do we begin to identify and sit in suffering in a way that shifts away from tolerating to transforming pain.


Consciousness Delivery Systems.

How we incorporate the many ways of bringing consciousness into our beings every day.

  • The Feminine Principle

  • Finding the ways of delivering Silence and Surrender.

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Ayurveda

  • Plant Medicine. etc.

“The parameters by which we assess truth
are as limited as our reality.”

— Antonia

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