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Changing States

Embracing Transformation Through Inner Shifts


In my work with clients, a common theme has shown up in recent months. And this usually reflects a theme emerging on my evolutionary path. We have all experienced times when, in one minute, we think or feel something about an issue, a person, or an event. And then the next minute - day or week - our feelings or thoughts about it change, often dramatically. My partner irritates me; the storm blows over, and I actually am glad they are around. 'My job is a nightmare.' A week or two later, I felt lucky to have such great colleagues. 'Did I say something offensive? Did I sound like an idiot?' When the adrenaline subsides in a couple of days, it becomes a non-event. 

I use these moments of quick-changing perspectives and feelings to remind myself of the impermanence of everything, which is easy to forget when we get locked into a particularly uncomfortable experience. When we step into those heavy ones that feel like they will never go away, something stuck in a ruminating mind, worrying endlessly, maybe a few sleepless nights. Often, the body feels the impact of this uncomfortable place with that persistent anvil on the chest, knots in the belly, or lump in the throat.

What we have historically done to manage those overwhelming feelings is turn to our strategies of avoidance- distractions, addictions, displacement. We find the alcoholic beverage to numb and soften the pain. We sink all our attention into the next movie streaming on a screen. We yell at the kids or the neighbour's dog to discharge the tension of our anxiety/rage/shame. Or we turn to another 3D tool, such as the ongoing suppression of uncomfortable feelings, because the solution feels beyond our grasp. And I think sometimes these tools have been necessary. The pain has been too great, too oppressive, too stuck for us to find another way to tolerate it, to survive it.

What my clients and I have been brainstorming lately is recognizing when our work is to change states. Because when things get uncomfortable, being in a state immersed in anxiety, fear, shame, anger, or guilt only creates a viewpoint and, therefore, 'solutions' that reflect those 3-dimensional manifestations. The current state continues to feed limited pain perceptions, and consequently, we need to move out of this low-frequency, heavy, contracted state if we are going to find a resolution.

When I'm in discomfort and am able to detach enough from the pain to remind myself that this too is a story, that this too is not permanent, then I first become aware that my work is to change states. I need to shift from a 3D state to a 3D reality that tries to tell me that I am a victim, powerless, and it is someone else's fault. All things I know are untrue. But when we are in pain, truth is not the driving force. Survival is.


So, I need to change states in order to move out of the fear-based inner messaging. And fortunately, an altered state requires me to do a lot of…..nothing. It needs me to bring in a lot of silence and quiet. No thought, no perspective, no judgment. And there are many flavours of nothing, many ways that space, flow, and intelligence show up when we release ourselves from our connection to our 3D attachments. I bring in meditation, yoga, breathwork, and an empty mind. Swim in the ocean, massage, osteopath, energetic healers. If the stories are particularly big, repeating, and ancient, then I bring in 7-day silent retreats and plant medicine retreats. I put myself in places and spaces that support emptying out 3D manifestations. I walk this path until things begin to move, loosen, and let go. I do this until I can arrive at a place of ownership where I can see my role in this discomfort and allow myself to accept how I contributed to/created my own discomfort. I even celebrate this happening because now I see options moving forward, living differently, and loving more. When that bigger story eventually reveals itself, then in flow joy and acceptance. The anvil leaves and the knot loosens. 

In the altered state, you make it safer to welcome in energy that can reveal the truth underneath the stories that the pain tells us we need in order to protect us from the 3D manifestations of rejection and abandonment. Where you can release some core wound, core belief that no longer serves you. Shifting into another state, I bring in the higher energies that lead me to the goal post, which is some form of 'Thank You' with a smile on my face, emanating from an open heart. Where I can be grateful to whoever or whatever I had previously attributed blame for my pain. 

These higher states deliver the healing, lightening, and expansion I witness in my clients when they are on silent or plant medicine retreats. They glow with the 'Ahas' of clear seeing in their higher states. We begin to learn that nothing is to be believed until we arrive at that state of connection, knowing, and loving, and they leave just a little more aware that nothing is to be believed unless and until we return. This is where I believe we are now heading, not as a state, but as our original place of Being.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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