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The Dream State

We live in perpetual states of PTSD, meaning we exist in the echos of ancient terror and torment that humans have been inflicting upon each other for thousands of years. That suffering that is held within each of our bodies constructs the majority of this reality, a reality lost in the haze of history, filtered through old imprints of pain held in our beings, and disconnected from the present. That is being asleep.

We are coming to realize that our ‘waking life’ is created by our inner drama as much as our sleeping or ‘dreaming’ life is. Dreaming while sleeping is a creative expression of our emotional life. The feelings that we try to work out that day, week, year, past life, or other life, will show themselves in weird, wonderful and terrifying scenarios in our dream dramas. Our emotional life is the palette, and the dream is the canvas. When we zoom out a bit from this reality, we see that our waking life is the expression, the manifestation of our emotional reality. We have a big feeling sending out a signal into the world. Something responds to that signal and we co-create an experience with others that fits within the vibration of that signal, that emotion. We create a physical reality that matches our emotional reality. We play out our emotional world with our lives like children play out their inner emotional world with dolls.

Our emotional pain paints a picture. The choice of colors and composition is based on the desire to avoid external pain and keep internal pain. I suggest none of it is real beyond what we believe is real. And because the ego is so terrified of letting go of pain, it makes it very uncomfortable to step outside of this dream reality we have created in order to feel the alternative. It is desperately trying to keep a reality outside of that dream state beyond our grasp.

Part of waking up is merely to begin to see the ‘dream’ of pain, the subjectiveness of it, the ‘unrealness’ of it. To see that you and, typically, your discomfort are the ones creating your reality through interpretations constructed by your pain. It is to see how tightly your pain holds onto pain. And then it is to access the world beyond your suffering and its interpretations and stories about who and what you are; its interpretations of others, the world and everything. To practice not believing almost anything your mind tells you, connects you to your limitless reality.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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