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In Pain We Zoom In. In Love We Zoom Out

When we are uncomfortable, we narrow our focus. Pain asks us to zoom right into our experience and our vision becomes tunneled. When we are in pain - emotional pain, physical pain - it demands all of our attention. It asks us to connect only to the pain until you resolve the problem and make it go away. It is a narrow focus, a slim view. It tells us this is the only thing in the world that is important. When we are or see another who we judge as self-absorbed or narcissistic, these are signs of extreme pain; pain unable to look outside itself, only able to see its own needs, and focus on its own pain management. However, a self-absorbed person is unable to see that they are self-absorbed. They are unable to see their limited ability to connect. They are unaware they are zoomed in on themselves to the exclusion of others.

The 3rd dimension, this reality, is a narcissistic expression. It is the full spectrum of self-absorption. It is one of pain. Pain unable to see itself, and unable to see the other. It can only see pain management. Our pain has kept us focused on, and believing in, a very limited reality. It has told us that to focus on my own needs,or the needs of my family/tribe is all that we are and all we need to survive. The well of pain in human form is so deep that we are blind to what is outside of those needs. We are zoomed right into that pain. We see nothing else in that pain. Pain we can not actually see, identify, label, and exist outside of our awareness because it is so deep it consumes our perceptions. We don’t recognize how pain has hijacked our reality because it has been that way for thousands of years. We have normalized levels of pain - painful thoughts, painful feelings, pain-filled behaviors - like a fish normalizes water.

The amount of energy that is increasingly available on the planet is allowing us to gradually zoom out. It is facilitating a greater view of ourselves and our reality. In the last 20 years, the growing awareness of our unseen world, of the subtle world, has expanded the reality of so many of us, and I see it continue to expand daily. The work with our subtle energies - the growing empathy and greater sense of connectivity - are great signs of our rapid expansion as a collective. But along with that we are seeing how big our potential is. We are seeing that hidden within each pain is a treasure, a nugget of wisdom, love and great energy that leads us outside of our limited, pain-filled few of ourselves and the world.

So many of us are seeing past our pain and our limited 3D realities, past the contracted states of suffering that have hijacked our thoughts and belief systems for so long. We are zooming out of the pain, we are zooming out of believing the pain, and able to access the magnificence that we are, and the expanding greatness we are becoming. In altered states, states outside of the navigation and manipulation of our pain states, we are connected to our bigger Selves, our more complete Selves, our multidimensional Selves. When we zoom out, we detach from all of the meanings we give our pain stories. It is like sitting at the foot of the mountain or staring up at the stars where we get the feeling that me and my sorrows are nothing, are meaningless, next to the vastness of the universe. When we zoom out, when we have those moments of stepping back from the drama, seeing the stories, witnessing the contracted states and feeling the expansiveness that sits behind you, under you, within you, and all around you. You connect to the vastness that is your Self.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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