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To See the Old is to Usher in the New

We are standing at a threshold, inviting in a new reality. Bringing in a new reality requires us to see the old one because if we don’t see it, if we don’t acknowledge it, then we remain trapped in it. We continue believing it and attaching to it. Not acknowledging that it is there is to continue to repeat an age-old story of egoic humanity - that we are a victim and that we are powerless to our pain. Not to see our suffering and our victimhood for the construct it is, is to holdfast to the density, and stay firm in this reality.

We are here to find deeper, more loving ways to bring pain into full awareness and develop our capacity to turn inward versus look away. To activate our seeing - deep seeing of ourselves - activates our capacity to transform pain. The seeing, the deep awareness, activates the inner alchemy of transmutation, transforming pain, density and discomfort into light, love, and wisdom. I believe we all have that available within us, and we are at the start of unleashing that process on a wider scale.

The process of transforming fear into love at a global level is more available than ever; more of us are holding that energy and teaching that energy. We are activating and transmitting it. And I believe it is growing exponentially. These writings are about the practicality of bringing that process into the individual, 3D level in order to transcend this dense reality to shift into the new one.

I am here to share an energy, a frequency. I am here to share the potential of energetically transforming pain into a higher frequency, a frequency that feeds the new reality. Or, more accurately, I am here to discuss and possibly transmit how humans can transform their suffering into love. This is about making the energies of transformation available to our pain, to give the pain access to consciousness to bring the new higher frequency into lower frequencies of pain and separation to activate an alchemy. I am inviting you into a seeing; I am inviting you to step into that flow of energy, into that flow of consciousness. I invite you to see your own stories and to see your own discomfort. To see your own suffering in order to ignite the process of transformation and to accelerate it. To see how big you are outside of your limited, contracting stories of pain.

In my work, when a client begins to see their pain - not be their pain, not believe their pain, but really see it for the 3D story it is - the story begins to move and the energy flows where it once was stuck. The density dislodges from the body leaving something new, lighter, and wiser in its place. But to activate that process of healing and transformation, you need to see that pain. Which means to bring awareness into the suffering. If you don't see it, then the energy doesn't go there. If you look away, it stays hidden, in the background. When we see, when we bring pure awareness, we bring the flow of consciousness into the density of pain. We bring light into the dark. We expand in love instead of contracting pain. But first we need to learn how to see, through a heart of love, versus 3D eyes of pain.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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