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Trauma and the 3rd Dimension

The 3rd dimension is the suffering that has constructed our identity and perceptions of reality. Suffering that we have to date been unable to see, let alone heal. This is the suffering of thousands of years and hundreds of generations. We have mapped onto our human coding the endlessly creative ways humans have tormented each other, and that torment is our 3D reality. My intent is not to be hyperbolic, but I would suggest we exist, as a global collective, in a state of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For thousands of years we have been terrorizing each other in countless ways. That pain is recorded in our bodies, and has been handed down from generation to generation. We co-exist in the echoes of that pain.

Humans have been passing along the horror and rage we have experienced in our interactions with other human beings. I suspect the majority of trauma we have suffered in this lifetime is a result of, and emerges from, our ancestors' trauma that moves through the generations in learned behaviors and beliefs, but also repressed emotions programmed into our 3D coding.

As we so often see today, people are turning to alternative forms of medicine and healing in an attempt to not just seek out root causes but to empower themselves in their own healing processes. In doing so, they are learning how to become their own healers. We are undergoing a similar process on a larger scale when we are on the journey out of this dimension. We are healing not just our bodies but our entire 3D beings; our present beings, our past beings, our ancestors’ beings. We are healing our energetic, emotional, mental and physical beings. In doing so we become not just healers but creators. We are learning how to transform a contracted state of pain into one of wisdom. We are learning how to transform pain into light. We are learning how to create consciousness and love.

An objective of this sharing is to activate the seeing of this dynamic we are entering. If we see the trauma, if we see the wound, if we bring awareness to the wound, we direct that energy into that 3D contraction. If we allow the possibility that we are the walking wounded, then we open ourselves up to the power and potential held within each wound and become receptive to the power of consciousness to penetrate those wounds with less resistance. That is our transformative goal: maximum awareness, minimum resistance.

Moving out of the trauma of this dimension is really moving from a dream state (now awareness) to various levels of wakefulness and remembering. That process is how we are shifting from physical self into metaphysical self, from the third dimension into a higher vibrational reality. To integrate into the metaphysical self is to heal from this dense physical reality that holds our pain. It is to let go of the density of the physical self, which is letting go of the suffering of separateness, the tribal state, the root, the paradigm that holds our painful, unseeing existence together. Through the light of awareness we are here to chew up the dark.


Join us today to Activate, Enable, and Expedite

your healing journey out of the 3rd dimension.

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Awesome! Just beginning “Dismantling The 3rd Dimension“ 🌻 RJ

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